Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free 60 Th Birthday Speech

"The Alps is a country where the deep sky, tired of being blue, was lying on the mountain"

Des coureurs de montagnes et des escaladeurs de cimes, il y en a toujours eu chez les Servettaz comme dans les autres familles de la région de Charnonix - et depuis que la vogue de l'alpinisme amène en Savoie des « monchus » désireux de vaincre les sommets, on est aussi guide de père en fils mais, parce qu'il connaît trop bien les dangers du métier, Jean Servettaz a décidé de préparer le sien à devenir hôtelier. Cela n'a pas empêché Pierre de s'entraîner et d'être un fin grimpeur. Aussi est-il un des volontaires de la cordée qui doit descendre le corps de son père tué par la foudre pendant un orage returning from a race in the Dru. Snow and ice make shipping impossible. For trying to force a passage anyway, Pierre falls. He never recovered from his hospital bed that the more determined not to get bogged down in the life of man of the plains. It will guide like his father. He then discovers that his accident has left a terrible after-effects: vertigo. A prodigious effort of will and the help of his comrades, however, will finally answer the call mesmerizing heights. A call that resonates throughout this story which are wonderfully evoked the harsh existence of the mountain and great site where they live.

the thick

"Climb if you will, but never forget the courage and strength are nothing without prudence, and one moment of carelessness can destroy a lifetime of happiness. Never act in haste, be careful not to lower.
And from the beginning think what may be the end "
Edward Whymper

"This landscape is not for us, we borrow it from our children"

"Mountains live only the love of men. Where houses and trees and grass are depleted, the kingdom is born sterile, wilderness, minerals, however, in its extreme poverty, in its utter nakedness, he provides a wealth n has no price: the happiness that is found in the eyes of those who frequent "
Gaston Rebuffat


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