Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chistmas Party Outfits

The romantic sunset

Que le soleil est beau quand tout frais il se lève, 
Comme une explosion nous lançant son bonjour ! 
- Bienheureux celui-là qui peut avec amour 
Saluer son coucher plus glorieux qu'un rêve ! 

I remember! I saw everything, flower, spring, groove,
swoon in his eye like a heart that beats ...
- Run to the horizon, it's late, run fast ,
to catch at least one oblique ray!

But I pursue in vain for the God who is retiring;
Night The Irresistible establish its empire, ;
Black, wet, sad and full of chills

smell of the tomb in darkness swims
And my foot shy crumpled at the edge of the swamp,
toads unexpected cold and snails.

port of Grau du Roi

; solar explosion


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