Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Mountain Observatory Aigoual

Mountain Observatory Aigoual

Aigoual The Mountain Observatory weather station is the last inhabited mountain in France. Located on the summit to 1567 m altitude climate conditions are extreme.

Mount aigoual amounts to a few tens of kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Cevennes.

With this location, the top of the aigoual allows a very broad overview embracing thirteen districts.

share a clear day, there are the highest peaks of France, east of Mont Blanc and the Alps, south of the Mediterranean, and southeast the Pyrenees.

Small mounting panoramic

30 cm along the road ... frosted landscape!

scenic Montage 4 photos

Weather Channel

Panorama atop Observatory, southwest side

View from the top of Mount Aigoual

Je suis content que Nathalie m'ait fait connaître le Mont-Aigoual.
Je viens d'une région où la neige est abondante en hiver, Chamonix exactement, 
et j'ai rarement vu des sapins floconnés ainsi, saisis et figés par le froid. 
Surtout en cette fin novembre, la neige est assez abondante !


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