Monday, December 20, 2010

Can I Use A Jvc Subwoofer With Another System

My best flight

Aujourd'hui je suis persuadé de faire un très beau vol.
Déjà sur la route, le spectacle est à la hauteur.
Plus je me rapproche du terrain et plus j'en suis sure.
Vivement que je décolle car j'ai peur que les conditions météo changent brutalement.
Just after takeoff, the show promises to be significant.

I go say hello to my son in the playground.
Can I take eyeful of this unusual landscape.
I'm dressed to cope with freezing temperatures.
Fog is thick on the Parkway.
difficult to share such a spectacle.
I think we need to see it to believe it.
Hoping that you will be allowed to get away a bit ....


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