Sunday, December 19, 2010

Candle Lighting Poems For Women

Warneton under snow

This Saturday, the sky was blue and the sun well down, I tell myself it will be the ideal for making beautiful pictures.
But the time to leave the equipment, the weather was downright changed, a strong wind and heavy fog appeared.
So I did not take any risks.
This morning, I tell myself I'll try to take off back home.
The land is still a bit muddy in the snow. So
aillant fear of slipping, I dare not start as usual and I missed my first flight.
But the second was good.
I made a short local flight just for you to share these unusual views.

Work the arsenal are outstanding.

The oxbow of the Lily begins to freeze.

Despite the temperature, there is a lot of people in speedway.
Wharf Verboekhoven Warneton.


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