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The slides limitless

Antoine Montant Antoine Montant, suspended from a sail, is hooked on the mountain (ACottier / Red Bull)
Specialist speed riding, Antoine Amount conducted a high-flying performance this weekend in Chamonix. With a sense of gliding still impressive, the French had offered a number of nice ride on the cable of a cable car!
by Philippe Givelet on 13-12-2010

A pair of skis to the feet slip road, helmet and back protection for protect themselves, and of course, to fly a kite: armed with his usual equipment, Antoine endless amount of rush from the top of the mountain to engage in sensation, always growing stronger. This weekend, the acrobat has offered a new twist to this emerging discipline that is the speed riding. A mix of skiing, paragliding and skydiving ideally suited to the qualities of this wonder of the Alps and makes more and more followers in France. Using a small sail area, the principle is to slide down the mountain, alternating gliding and flight. Braving the rocky bars with jumps and "touch and go" incessant, drag across or down slope right in the steep thus became the daily amount of Antoine. Caught a virus at the age of nine when his brother, Valery, who died in a climbing accident in 2006, introduced him to paragliding.
A ride on the cable of a cableway
In his first title of champion of France in 2006 to acrobatics winning the world championship in 2010 Speedflying, it was thought that the daredevil flew around his passion. On the contrary, always looking for new, never lack imagination, Antoine Amount found way to shine (again) this weekend in Chamonix. By being able to slide down the rope of the old cable car station Glacier during a descent speed riding, the child of Vovray was again distinguished by its originality. Rushed from the top of the north face of Aiguille du Midi, which culminates at 3800 m altitude, Upper Savoy has directed its flight to the cable slider between the first and second pylon. On the site of Red Bull, the mountaineer, who will celebrate his thirty years on February 15, explains how he manages to adjust its flight to perfectly master the obstacle: "We must first make an approach for position in flight over the cable to the right place at the right height," he explained before the flight. "The timing of the sail (glide angle) must also be adapted to the angle of the cable. Then I leave sailing to bite down and make contact with the cable. The challenge is to touch the cable without putting too much weight on it to not jettison the sail, and stay perfectly in line with the line. "
With a fine touch of slips at making more jealous one, the adventurer is distinguished by its ability to be comfortable both in the air and contact with the snow. The result is impressive. Through a pilot too ... always confusing, Antoine Amount has become a world speed riding. Discipline, where "there is a more direct contact with the mountain" and the vice-world champion aerobatic paragliding now favors.


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